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It will occasionally be the case that you wish to send a consignment from one customs zone to another, e.g. from the USA to a European Union country. Such consignments need to be accompanied by what is known as a pro forma invoice. The completion of a pro forma invoice is quite simple. It is essentially a letter, which gives the value of the goods being sent, for the purpose of the customs authorities.

The following letter is an example of a pro forma invoice. The italicized text is the information which you should fill in.

Sender's Details:
Name of sender
Company name
State, Zip code
Consignee's Details:
Name of contact
Company name
State, Zip code
  Date: dd / mm / yy
Pro Forma Invoice
Invoice No: 000000000

value for customs

Description of goods and Quantity Value in USD OO

Value for customs purposes only  

Each consignment must be accompanied by three copies of the pro forma invoice.

If you are unable to provide a pro forma invoice, for whatever reason, we are able to do so on request. For this and any advice or questions about the pro forma invoice please contact our customer service desk at: info@david-martin-couriers.nl

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